Rehfuss supplies the optimal solution for applications where cleanning, hygiene, and prevention of interfering edges play a decisive role. A drive concept with absolutely smooth surface without interfering cooling rips and fans. So deposits of dirt and bacteria are hindered. At the same time the absolutely smooth surface supports the cleanning characteristics enormously.

Technical characteristics

  • Geared motor with mit worm-, helical- und shaft mounted gearbox available
  • Smooth surface (food-; beverage-; pharmaceutical industry)
  • Food grade lubricant
  • No possibility of dirt deposits and attachment of bacteria
  • Drive without cooling rips and without disturbing edges
  • Very good cleaning characteristics
  • Protection IP66
  • Three-phase motor without fan (important for applications in clean areas)
  • Optimised size/performance ratio
  • Designed for permanent operation under rough conditions
  • Above average lifespan
  • Extreme torsional resistance and low noise
  • Superior smooth operation


  • Basic mounting, flange mounting or universal design
  • Output shaft available as solid shaft or hollow shaft (depending on typ of gearbox)
  • Torque limiter (depending on typ of gearbox)
  • Very low speeds
  • Torque arm (depending on typ of gearbox)
  • IEC-Adapter
  • UL- / CSA-execution
  • Shrink disc for hollow shaft
  • Three-phase motor with brake

Catalogues and brochures

Rehfuss geared motors general catalogue


Rehfuss Cleanness Brochure – Smooth Body Motor


Rehfuss Cleanness Brochure


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Rehfuss ISO 9001:2008 certification


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