Delta REG2000 replaces the usual braking resistor, saving energy and space thenks to the built-in reactor.
Heat generated by braking large inertia loads or by vertical movements is converted in reusable energy, improving efficiency and braking features.
More devices like inverters or servo drives can share DC-BUS with one single REG2000 unit.

Main features:

  • PWM control for RHD reduction and power factor improving
  • built-in reactor
  • replaces braking resistor reusing energy
  • improves braking performance
  • built-in MODBUS RS485 and other field buses by optional cards
  • parallel DC-BUS linking

Catalogues and brochures

Delta REG2000 regenerative unit catalogue


Manuals and guides

Delta REG2000 regenerative unit manual


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Delta REG2000 regenerative unit CE declaration of conformity


Delta products RoHS declaration of confomity

v 20200227

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Technical drawings

Delta REG2000 regenerative unit technical drawings

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