This gearbox series is the right-angle version of the VRB, offering a compact configuration and output design that provides an OEM with maximum versatility.

The through-bolt flange design at the output makes it much easier to assemble the reducer onto machinery. A 1:1 spiral bevel gear for the right-angle connection maintains good positional accuracy at ratios ranging from 3:1 ñ 100:1.
The EVB units will have a minimum backlash of 4 arc-minutes and maximum loads approaching 600 NM. Equipment manufacturers building custom assembly automation systems will find the flexibility and space-saving features of the EVB an ideal fit for their unique projects.

The EVB provides an excellent option when performance, space, and cost all equally impact your reducer selection.


  • Quiet operation; helical cut gears contribute to reduced vibration and noise.
  • Space saving features; motor can be located at a 90 degree position from the reducer providing a more compact footprints.
  • High rigidity and torque; rigidity and torque capacity are achieved by using uncaged needle roller bearings
  • Adapter bushing connection; enables a simple, effective attachment to most servo motors.
  • No leakage through the seal; high viscosity, anti-separation grease does not liquefy and does not migrate away from the gears.
  • Maintenance-free; no need to replace the grease for the life of the unit. The reducer can be positioned in any orientation.

Catalogues and brochures

Motion transmission catalogue (italian)

  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Right-angle and rotary index gearboxes
  • Flexible gears reducers
  • Rack and pinion systems

Manuals and guides

Nidec-Shimpo gearboxes assembly instructions


Nidec-Shimpo flange codes table


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Nidec-Shimpo EVB planetary gearbox datasheet



Nidec-Shimpo ABLE series planetary gearboxes RoHS declaration of conformity


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Nidec-Shimpo gearbox selection

Tool for Nidec-Shimpo gearbox selection, given motor, application or load condition


Technical drawings

Nidec-Shimpo EVB planetary gearbox technical drawings

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